Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Medicato and how does it work?

Medicato is the telemedicine app that instantly connects you with doctors and physicians to receive the highest quality medical care, anytime and anywhere through video calls or chat.

How does it work?

Get the online medical consultation you need, instantly and easily!

1. Select your symptom or choose your medical specialist/physician.
2. Choose your plan (monthly, quarterly, annual) and proceed to pay.
3. Start talking to a doctor in less than 1 min through a high-quality video call. You’ll be able to share images, videos, and text messages through the app.
4. Receive your diagnosis, treatment, or digital prescription.
5. Get in touch with your doctor/specialist through our chat.

Who are the doctors or healthcare providers?

Our doctors are licensed specialists, hand-selected, and qualified by our Medical Network, and it includes a group of family physicians and pediatrics who are ready to help you feel better through the best online medical consultation.

What are the specialties Medicato attends?

From primary medical care specialties such as family physicians, pediatrics, to *psychologists, *nutrition, and *veterinarians.

*Specialties included in the Premium Plan but from a certain volume of contracted 24/7 Medicato Plans. With a Premium Plan, users can access to all of our specialists without limits.


Can I get video calls without owning a Medicato Plan?

No, you need to own a Medicato Plan 24/7 to access the video calls. Once you’re done with all the calls included in your selected plan, you’ll get the option of buying additional ones.

How are the payments per plan and the frequency of each payment?

In the Monthly Plan, a charge will be made each month for 149 MXN. In the Quarterly Plan, a charge of 399 MXN will be made each quarter. In the Annual Plan, a charge of 1,488 MXN will be made each year. Payments are charged to credit cards. Cash payments are not accepted.

Can I use the service if I’m out of Mexico?

Yes! It doesn’t matter where you are, Medicato works anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

Will I receive a medical prescription?

When your online consultation is over, you’ll receive a medical prescription from your doctor that may include medications that do not require retention of a prescription, in compliance with all the health regulations of your country.

Is it easy to connect with a doctor?

Yes, it’s really easy. It just takes less than 1 minute for a patient to get in touch with a doctor through our app. Medicato is available in iOS or Android.

Is my information private and secure?

Don’t worry! Your personal and health information is completely private and secure. Medicato follows the HIPAA compliance, and all the information related to your payments is encrypted under the strictest industry standards through Stripe, one or our partners.

Does Medicato offers any enterprise plan?

Yes, and our enterprise plans are fully customizable to meet our clients’ expectations and needs. For more information, please visit our business section.

Does Medicato offers preferential prices by volume for companies?

Yes, we handle plans and preferential prices by volume.