Our mission is to protect what you care the most

We share the belief that through technology and innovation, you should have access to healthcare professionals when and where you need it.

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Your health is our top-priority

Medicato was conceived from the idea of improving service as basic and essential as health, and thus, revolutionize how people received medical attention in Mexico.

Our mission translates to generating a positive impact on the health sector, reaching a greater amount of people through the benefits of technology.

Medicato is an online medical app that will connect you instantly and in real-time with doctors and physicians, committed to providing you all the answers and guidance over any type of symptoms and diseases.


We believe everyone should have access to online medical care, and Medicato aims to improve the overall well-being of Mexican people through the best telemedicine experience.

Alberto Hauser - CEO

Our Values



Our Medical Network is licensed and specialized, ready to answer you instantly with high-quality guidance.



Our multicultural team is focused on developing new solutions and services to improve healthcare.



Constant improvement is what drives us while we take care of the health and well-being of our patients.



We believe health care is a service that should be available to everyone, regardless of age, sex, or religion.



Our multicultural team is focused on the constant development of new solutions and services to improve healthcare.



Medicato is an online medical guidance app that ensures trust, honesty, and transparency.

Medicato is the telemedicine experience that will transform the way you take care of your health

Forget about scheduling and spending too much time in the waiting room! Medicato is a mobile app that will connect you face-to-face with online doctors anytime and anywhere.

Telemedicine 24/7 at your fingertips

Our Medical Network is composed of a hand-picked group of licensed doctors and physicians, committed on delivering the best telemedicine experience.


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Connect instantly to receive online medical guidance

Download Medicato, and start feeling better, faster. It’s easy and simple!