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Medicato provides you with an accessible and affordable telemedicine solution to get advice, treatment options, and digital prescription from licensed medical experts and physicians.

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Select your symptom or choose your medical specialists/physician.

Start talking to a doctor in less than 1 min through a high-quality video call.

Receive your diagnosis, treatment, or digital prescription. In addition, real-time follow-up through chat.

Medicato 24/7 Benefits

Care that fits your life. The Telemedicine app you need to start taking care of your health instantly.

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Talk to a doctor without leaving home

Whether you’re looking to take care of a sudden fever or chronic issues, Medicato is more than just an app – is the one virtual healthcare experience you need.

Real-time video calls with doctors and physicians

Chat, meet, follow up, and get all your medical questions answered through high-quality video calls on your phone with an online doctor. We are here to help support your evolution.

Comfort and convenience

Don’t stress and skip the waiting room! Our team of specialists will always take care of your health. Just open your app and talk with a doctor in less than 1 minute.

Trusted and secure. Accessibility 24/7

Medicato is the most trusted and secure mobile app you need to download on iOS and Android. Our physicians will provide you the best telemedicine experience.

Virtual healthcare without leaving the comfort of your home

From an online medical consultation to a follow-up conversation, Medicato is the telemedicine solution 24/7 you need to take control of your health.

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